One Day Express Lab

Two artists who are selected by Alexis Vasiliou have the opportunity to collaborate for only one day (from 9.00 am until 21.00 pm) and to present the result of their collaboration in the evening of the same day.

The aim of the programme is the interaction of various artists from different art forms like: architecture, dance, theatre, music, fashion design, costume design, visual arts,  photography etc, and the exchange of ideas, experiences and ways of dealing with the creative process individually and collaboratively .

The artists that are selected can use the audiovisual means offered by the dance house Lemesos and the result that they will present to the audience can be of any character or can be any outcome from the dialogue they established throughout the day.

One Day Express Lab has been realised for two possessed years due to the enormous success that it had both artistically and also by attracting a big number of audience members.

This year it continues with 5 new presentations in the months of May, July, August, October and November.