Contact Improvisation and Release technique with Hamilton Monteiro for dancers, Contact Improvisation Jam, Ballet for Contemporary dancers with Ombline Noyer

Contact Improvisation with Hamilton Monteiro for dancers

Hamilton Monteiro will offer to dancers of various backgrounds and experiences an opportunity to immerse themselves in contact improvisation. On Saturdays from 18:30 till 20:00 he will teach a safe and supportive class for community members who may not have traditional dance training but want to embark on a physical adventure of exploring their and their partner’s weight and trust. Hamilton teaches this particular dance technique as a metaphor for a philosophy of life based on trust, alertness, and balance.

His ideology is based on the notion of efficiently using breath as a guide. Through contact improvisation, participants learn physical responsibility for their own body as well as the body of their partner. In this safe environment, improvisers are encouraged to communicate internally and externally through their musculature with themselves and the group that surrounds them.

The ultimate goal of the workshop will be creation of a contact improvisation jam – a physical community party experience!

Friday 9.00-10.30 a.m
Class prize 3 euro
May / June

Release technique with Hamilton Monteiro

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Τuesday 9.00-10.30 a.m
Class prize 3 euro
May / June

Contact Improvisation Jam

The jam will be open to proffessional and non proffessional dancers who are familiar with this technique and to musicians who are familiar

Saturdays 18.00-19.30 p.m
Participation fee 3 euro
Starting 6th June

Ballet for Contemporary dancers with Ombline Noyer

The  class is mostly aimed for professional contemporary dancers, as well as any performer (of any age) who which to attend a ballet class.

A good barre will be constructed in order to warm up properly, focusing on each part of the body and how to move in coordination. Henceforth, feeling as grounded on the floor as in any contemporary technique and in placement for the center.

Throughout this class pre-made judgements about ones inability to enjoy ballet as a contemporary dancer/performer will be removed from your vocabulary!

Wednesdays  9.00-10.30 a.m
Class prize 3 euro
Starting 8th July