Dance Throughout the Year aims to adjoin the Cyprus Contemporary Dance Platform by enriching the festival’s programme with works that were presented during 2015 in Cyprus and therefore support and promote, alongside with the Platform, the artistic work of the creators.



SATURDAY 19/03/16


11:00 FEEDBACK ME (120’)
Discussion with Bush Hartshorn and the dance community on the importance of feedback for artistic development.


18:00 RECOLLECT (20’)
Alexia Nicolaou – Dimitris Spyrou


Recollect is a project for social isolation and oppression. The difficulty of acceptance of our actual existence, the lack of freedom and uncertainty.The nest could be a house with table chairs kitchen bathroom. A man who is simply trying to pick up his pieces, because he leaves his nest.

Choreography – performer: Alexia Nicolaou
Music composition – live performance: Dimitris Spyrou (acapella solo loop)
Costume construction: Raissa Aggeli
Graphic designer: Panayiotis Tofi


18:45 KEEP HANDS CLEAR (15’)
Panayiotis Tofi


‘What is or has been felt is as real and historical as what is touched and imagined’. A choreographic result deriving from an ongoing study concerning body decentralization and the investigation of the terms concealment, dispossession and withdrawal, towards intensifying emptiness.

Concept – Choreography – Creation: Panayiotis Tofi
Performer: Panayiotis Tofi
Voice recording and sound editing: George Kolias
Narration: John Williamson
Music by: Sancho 003
Designer: Panayiotis Tofi

Special thanks to Philipos Evangelou, Viky Kalla and Liza Tsagkaridou.


19:15 IN ANOTHER’S SHOES (25’)
Arianna Marcoulides


The clothing choices we make speak a lot about ourselves, if you know how to read in between the seams. Arianna and Panos through an interactive performance are exploring clothes and identity, movements and sounds, improvisation and structure.

A piece created with support of the Choreographic Residency Programme 2015 Moving the New at Dance House Lemesos.

Concept – Choreography: Arianna Marcoulides
Sound Design: Panos Bartzis
Photo: Arianna Marcoulides


SUNDAY 20/03/16


09:00 SKIN (30’)
.pelma.lia haraki (A series of performances for a single spectator, until 17:00. Reservation is necessary)


SKIN is a performance for one participant who is blind folded and taken on a journey that communicates through touch and sound. The whole body acts as a gate of perception, receiving information from the dancers’ bodies, which trigger sensations, emotions and ideas to evolve. The participant can be as active or as passive as he/she chooses.

Concept – Composition: Lia Haraki
Dancers: 3 dancers whose names are not announced as this serves better the intention of the piece
Music advisor: Panos Bartzis


Discussion with the dance community about the impact of current sociopolitical changes on the artists.