6th Open House International Festival of Dance and Performance by Dance House Lemesos


Programmed by Lia Haraki

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Λογότυπο ΤΕΠΑΚ και ΤΚΤ

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A body on stage is a body exposed! Free from guilt, it is free enough to manifest significant ideas!

The erotic side of humans has been commercialized in ways that associated it with guilt, shame and humiliation. It needs bravery and courage to detach from these kind of ideas and embrace one’s own sexual identity.

In SEXPECΤATIONS I invited works that remind us that it is part of the human nature to be erotic, romantic, provocative at times and finally to come to terms with our natural beauty.

But what kind of expectations would an audience have when the theme of a festival is related to the sexual body, when there are so many trivial associations and references connected to this theme? Could they be similar kinds of expectations with the ones of an erotic encounter, since making love also has to do with performance? Or are they expectations that have to do more with what we haven’t done but expect (hope) to see others do? Which is after all what the role of the spectator is all about, the legitimate ‘voyeur’.

This year’s Open House festival will present performance works that deal with the sexual body on stage, as art that is different from pornography and the mainstream sex industry. The performance works will comment in ‘turn off or turn on’ ways with themes of sexual identity and its many different labels, with its kinds of orientation, its ability to role play and create fantasies, with its nature to invent positions, trends and styles. Works that will allow spectators to be challenged on matters of physical taboos, to question don’ts and should’s and shouldn’ts imposed by the sexual act, and to witness many ‘must try in this lifetime games’ which at the end of the day, all come down to one essential need, Communication!

A body on stage is a body s-exposed ….

Τo hopefully an ‘excited’ audience!

Lia Haraki (Artistic Director for this year’s festival)



Choreographers from Cyprus and the international scene have participated in the Open House Festival, which takes place at Dance House Lemesos and other theatres within the town of Limassol since 2010. Up to today the festival has hosted very important figures and companies of contemporary dance and performance, introducing them to the dance audience and setting up connections between Cypriot and international artists. Works from world known artists have been presented in previous years like Meg Stewart, Yiasmeen Godder, Chris Harring, Alessandro Sciaroni, Yiannis Mandafounis, Stephanie Cumming, Wendy Houston and others.

This year the festival will last one week, will take place in 5 theatres in Limassol and will host 22 artists with a small organisation team and 8 volunteers.

The festival is supported mainly by the Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education and Culture and other sponsors include the Municipality of Lemesos, the Aerowaves European network and the Technological University (Department of Visual Arts). The communication sponsor is ‘City Free Press’ and the supporter is ‘Absolute‘.

We would like to particularly thank our sponsors for their appreciation for our work and their support towards art in general. We would also like to thank the volunteers who with their hard work and care, have embraced the festival and helped it to take place. Finally, the audience of the festival which grows each year, whos presence and energy support this very important event.