Argyris Argyrou – Cyprus, Participant

Maria Philippou – Cyprus, Participant

Maria Philippou – Walk Me, Project


Leim is an innovative program of energetic research that offers selected participants the chance to proceed in a personal and collective journey of growth of their qualifications in professional leadership of institutions with high level of experience in dance, both in their own countries and within the European Union.

Dance Ireland (IE) is the head of the Programme in collaboration with CSC/Bassano del Grappa (IT), Dance House Lemesos (CY), Mercat de les Flors Barcelona (ES) TanzHaus NRW Dusseldorf (DE), Leim of is a 2-year collaborative project which is financed by the program Culture 2007-2013 of the E.U.

The ten participants (2 by each country) are called to learn, to research, to exchange and to materialise projects round dance, while interacting with new cultural frames. Together with the support of the host institutions and their artistic communities, they will experience excellent practices, share ideas and create new models of work, so that they face the basic needs of leadership of artists and dance institutions.

The selected participants are free to follow their own ideas in the frame of Leim, which offers opportunities of professional growth, including training, guidance, support and encouragement, as well as the challenge and the practical engagement.



E-motional Bodies & Cities

The European program  E-motional Bodies and Cities was proposed by Romania (Gabriela Tudor Foundation) for the program of Education and Culture DG of European Union, with partners from Ireland, Latvia, Turkey, Romania, Cyprus and England.

The program aims at pointing out,  cultivating, attracting and maintaining talent and the creativity on a European level, by connecting artists and directors of dance from countries that participate in the program through subsidies of mobility, hospitalities, scholarships, artistic research and co-productions and exchange of presentations.

2-7 July 2012, Laboratory of Movement at  Dance House Lemesos, Cyprus from Kristine Vismane from Latvia (in the frames of the Programme). She says about the workshop for children:

When I asked children “What is dance for you? ” they said that the dance is freedom, happiness, joy and love. And when I asked “What is  freedom? ” once again in the beginning they said that freedom is joy and happiness, but after they had time him to think little better,they opened up to  me and said “Freedom is  when no one tells us what to do. No one checks on us. Freedom is when my mum is away and I can jump on the couch. Freedom is nature.  Freedom is when I grow up and I will be free to do a lot of things. Freedom is when no one can harm me. ”

Incredible!  Already in the age of 6, the children search for freedom. I do not understand why I believed that freedom for children would be different.

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Dance-web Europe

Dance-web Europe (in collaboration with the company .pelma.lia haraki)

the core of danceWEB Europe is that it is a scholarship programme for the contemporary dance that was founded in 1996. The idea of this programme is to help decrease the economic and social hierarchy between the cultures and to establish artistic investments in the future. Each year 50 talented  dancers have the possibility to improve their abilities and enrich their dancing portfolio. With a continuously increasing number of applications, each year more from 1000 artists from 70 countries  compete for a danceWEB scholarship, which is included in the frame of the International Dance Festival  ImPulsTanz in Vienna organised every summertime.

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