The Artistic Development Programme of Dance House Lemesos

May-December 2016


The Dance House Lemesos announces the ‘MOVING THE NEW’ artistic development residency programme for 2016.
The programme will consist of 2 choreographic residencies.
The programme serves the goals of the Dance House Lemesos that focuses on encouraging the continuous progress of local choreographers and dancers, audience development and the involvement of the artists within the broader European dance reality.
Dance House Lemesos is part of a growing international network (EDN) with like-minded institutions and offers resident artists the opportunity for personal and artistic development within this network of contacts.
The Dance House Lemesos is a “laboratory for performance” that supports the development of experimental and cross-disciplinary art. Dance House Lemesos invites emerging as well as mature artists to submit ambitious proposals for the creation of solo or collaborative work that critically investigates, challenges, and extends the existing norms of performance practice.
Dance House Lemesos possesses a strong international profile and continues to extend its network of associates, encouraging proposals from artists based in Cyprus with the potential to be hosted also in residencies abroad in the future.
Apart from the annual residency programme, D.H.Lemesos has been offering residencies for dance artists through its participation in several European programmes like E-Motional Bodies and Cities, Act Your Age, Leim and through the Open House International Festival of Dance and Perfromance artistic development programme.
The Dance House Lemesos Residency Program is made possible by the Cyprus Ministry of Education.


Residency in Choreographic Research

The residency programme aims at helping the artists to verbally and physically articulate their work as well as guide them to start discovering their own choreographic voice.
The residency is both for new choreographers that have been active for a few years only, as well as more mature artists that need to rediscover and challenge their research and creative methodologies.
Residencies are chosen by a distinguished international selection committee composed of artists, and cultural leaders across all disciplines.
In addition to creating and developing their work, artists will share their creative process at the Dance House Lemesos with the community through open rehearsals, workshops, and artist’s talks. We believe this is an important growth experience for artists as they learn to talk about their work, interact with the public, and receive audience feedback as they move forward in the process of creation.
The residency will consist of:
– Three research periods:
a) May-July, b) July-Oct and c) Oct-Dec
– Presentations of the work in progress at the end of each period.
– Feedback sessions.
– Participation in a choreographic workshop in Cyprus (first week of October).
– A presentation of the finished work in December 2016 at a theatre in Limassol.
– Activities that involves the community (presentations, workshops, lectures).
– Connections with our partner institutions in Europe with the opportunity of continuing the research next year abroad.

Application deadline:
Proposals must be received by Monday 9th of May 2016 at 13.00.
Residency calendar:
Residencies are scheduled by mutual agreement between accepted Resident Artist and Dance House Program coordinator for the following periods (a) May-July, b) July- Oct and c) Oct-Dec. The applicants are required to be available for the whole research period.
Application process:
Proposals can be made for the further development of works-in-progress or for entirely new works. The artists are required to have their own mentor/dramatur. Proposals are evaluated on the basis of the artistic quality of the submitted work samples, the originality of the artist’s ideas, and the ambition of the project’s realization.
The Dance House provides the workspace as part of the 2016 Residency Program and a fee of 500 euros. The mentor/dramaturg will receive 300 euros. Applicants are responsible for their own production and living expenses during the term of the residency, including food, travel to and from Dance House, art materials and supplies, and equipment rentals.The Dance House Lemesos will offer signed letters of support for outside funding, as initiated by the artist, and can offer advice for any potential funders for assistance.

Please send us the following info as an attachment to
1. Your name:
2. Nationality of Applicant:
3. Primary Language of Applicant:
4. Date of Birth of Applicant:
5. Title of Project:
6. Name of Company (if applicable):
7. Company Web Address:
8. Video links of previous works:
9. Information about Collaborators – Please list each participant in the residency including their Name, Discipline / Role, short biographical note, Nationality, and DOB.
10. Residency Needs – Please indicate here your residency needs, including (but not limited to): technical needs, and if you are considering using the outdoor spaces. (no more than 200 words)
11. Describe your project and yourself in ONE SENTENCE:
12. Project Description (300 word max):
13. Main Objective/Goal for Residency (100 word max):
14. What do you hope to achieve through a residency at the Dance House Lemesos? Why can you only achieve this here?
15. How will you engage the community during your residency? Examples include presentations, workshops, community collaborations, lecture, etc. (no more than 200 words):
16. Please explain the life of the project beyond The Dance House Lemesos.
17. Include details about the history as well as the future development of the project. You may use a timeline, if applicable.
18. A recent photo of you.
Thank you and good luck!