Dance Throughout the Year aims to adjoin the Cyprus Contemporary Dance Platform by enriching the festival’s programme with works that were presented during 2016 in Cyprus and therefore support and promote, alongside with the Platform, the artistic work of the creators

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Friday 03.03.2017


20:00 Into the stillness 25’

Chorotheatro Omada Pende

Choreographer: Roula Kleovoulou

Performers: Alexia Perdikaki, Emily Papaloizou, Milena Ugren Koulas, Rania Glymitsa Photographer: Pavlos Vryonides

The performance will take place at Andrea Drousioti street (in front of Rialto theatre).

My latest piece “Into the stillness” was a progression from a previous piece “Standstill” where my research was to find the movement in stillness and come to question in the end if stillness can actually create calmness or tension. In the piece “Into the stillness” I went a step further and asked the dancers to cross a bridge in a very slow and steady pace hoping to find stillness (calmness) when reaching their destination, after actually crossing the bridge. My travelers all crossed the bridge in their own unique way, but they all reached their stillness (calmness) in the end. We all have our bridges to cross, everyone’s journey is different, but I believe we all want to find that stillness… The piece you will see tonight will not be shown on the bridge, but in the streets of Limassol, my travelers will make their journey amongst cars and people and commotion, let’s hope it will be a good one… This piece was created in July 2016 for the site specific Summer Dance Festival of Nea Kinisi.



Saturday 04.03.2017


18:30 Sunday of Life 20’

Julia Anna Brendle

Concept/Choreography/Performance: Julia Brendle

Special thanks to Maria Kyriakou, Andri Panayiotou and Marios Konstantinou outside eye(s) and dramaturgical advice.

A reconstruction of a piece originally set in a basketball field, revisited in the space of the dance house. Are the original questions still relevant and how does the new space impact on the choreography itself and the issues the work addresses. In both cases a space where the mind gives room to the body to express itself, where bodies meet in order to achieve mutual goals, in which we feel free, in which we reach the limits of our physicality. How much freedom do we really allow within the frame of ourselves and this space? And how many limits are added, through the patterns that we create in order to achieve the goals we set? Questions set the rules of this game, with the goal being to explore the notions of personal freedom, of choice and the limits we set to our own selves.


19:00 Coralia 7’

Panos Malactos

Choreographer/Dancer: Panos Malactos

Music: Cantus in memory of Benjamin Britten- Arvo Part

Photographer: Kyriakos Andreou

Coralia, that’s her name. The definition of a fighter, a hero, a true mother, and she is here. Right in front of you.


19:15 Red VelVet 25’

Aneesha Michael

Choreographer: Aneesha Michael

Performers: Aneesha Michael and Raul Tigre

Mentor: Bush Hartshorn

Music: Gabriel Fauré- Elegie, Scott Walker- The Electrician, Daft Punk- Get Lucky, Brian Eno and Harold Budd- Against the Sky.

Photographer: Maria Mari Neophytou

Αneesha Michael graduated from the prοfessional school of dance Rallou Manou-Athens in 2012. Since then, she has collaborated with choreographers & Theatre Directors as a performer and dancer in Athens and Cyprus. Her current investigations are into; how movement relates to the anatomy of the body by experimenting with objects and how they relate to her presence as a performer. In 2014 she produced her first work “Quest”, a naked body on a white sculpture. In 2015 she collaborated with the musician Dimitri Spyrou presenting the work “Vente Ambulante”. Then in 2016 she presented the work “Red VelVet”, and this time a duet, collaborating with a large red velvet theatre curtain.



Sunday 05.03.2017


11:00-13:00 Upcoming move

Round table discussion


18:30 In Another’s Shoes: #ifeeljustlikeachild 30΄

Arianna Marcoulides

Performer: Arianna Marcoulides

Sound Design: Panos Bartzis

Special thanks to Eleana Alexandrou

Τhe clothing choices we make speak a lot about ourselves, if you know how to read in between the seams. Arianna and Panos take another look at the piece “In Another’s Shoes” presented last year at Dance House Lemesos for Dance Throughout the Year 2016. Revisiting a theme that has been part of previous works -that of vibrations- and merging it with the current themes of clothes and identity, movements and sounds, improvisation and structure, the piece’s current version was first presented under the Moving the New programme of Dance House Lemesos in December 2016. A piece created with the support of the Choreographic Residency Programme 2015 Moving the New at Dance House Lemesos.

Arianna Marcoulides has been creating her own work since 2009, always in close collaboration with people that inspire her and stimulate curiosity. She has collaborated with Panos Bartzis on her last three pieces, “Along the Way… Forgotten” (2014), “Stomach Rumblings” and “In Another’s Shoes”.


19:00 For George 15’

Milena Ugren Koulas

Choreography/Improvisation: Milena Ugren Koulas

Music: 9 Crimes-Damien Rice

“For George” is a little dance dedicated to my husband George Koulas. It came as a reaction to our ongoing collaboration and life together and also as a reaction to our previous piece “Happiness”.



22:30 Closing Party



Saturday 04.03.2017 and Sunday 05.03.2017


17:00-20:00 In a Dark Time

Arianna Economou

Monument at Heroes’ Square

In the framework of the project Blast from the Past: A retrospective to the future. Curated by Blast collective.


Concept/Choreography/Performance: Arianna Economou

Photographer: Christos Avraamides

In this newly proposed version of her work “Ιn a Dark Time” (2002), Arianna Economou will present a durational dance performance on some of the alchemical symbolism and stages of the journey of the soul toward the Self (Calcinatio, Mortificatio, Solutio). Through the deconstruction of the already existing material (poetry, visual installation and sound), the performance will carry a ritualistic character where the audience will be free to come and go and witness the artist’s process. The performer in this process -with axis the thinking body and its movement- will open this dialogue toward the Self and the audience, trying a new practice that relies on the sharing of the creative process and the dynamics of the ongoing shifts between unconscious and conscious, visible and invisible.