The Dance House Lemesos is run by a Management Committee which is also the board of directors.

The members are current or x choreographers and dance artists that bring in their knowledge, love and expertise to form structures that serve the overall mission of the D.H,.Lemesos. The decisions are based on how the local dance reality can be best supported and progressed.

The programming and selection of artists for the different programmes and annual festival are made by selected individuals for each case or selected committees.

The management committee and board of directors meet monthly.

Board of Directors and management committee

Lia Haraki (President)
Anna Charalambous (Vise president)
Cloe Melidou (Secretary)
Evie Demetriou (treasurer) 


The board
Selected committees
Open House Festival: Programming for 2015 will be done by Lia Haraki

Director of International Development, Programming advisor

Argyris Argyrou

Representative of the Aerowaves network

Lia Haraki

Representative for the LEIM EU Programme/Financial Advisor

Maria Michaelides

Production Manager

Yiangos Hadfjiyiannis

Graphic designer

Christina Olympiou