Dance House Lemesos (Stegi) is a consequence of the rapid development of contemporary dance/performance the last few years in Cyprus and especially in the city of Lemesos.

It was the first space in Cyprus entirely devoted to the support, promotion and development of professional contemporary dance and performance practice in Cyprus.

Stegi was envisioned, created and organised by 5 Cyprus based dance companies with a common vision to create a structure that would allow dance art to develop on the island and also act as a portal for international collaborations and exchange.

Their vision was to generate an environment that would allow them to be resident artists, but also to support the rest of the dance community and help the community in general, via numerous programmes.

The initiative for a space began in 2005 by the choreographer Lia Haraki, when she invited the most active dance companies of Lemesos, to come together and share a rehearsal space. Progressively that space transformed into Dance House Lemesos. Officially the House opened its doors on the 1st of October 2007.

The companies and choreographers that created Dance House Lemesos are: Chorotheatro Omada Pente (Cloe Melidou, Roula Kleovoulou), 
En drasi (Evie Demetriou, Emily Papaloizou), 
interact dance co. (Natasa Georgiou)
, Solipsism (Anna Charalambous), 
.pelma.lia haraki (Lia Haraki).

Dance House Lemesos is housed in a listed building and is part of the cultural heritage of Limassol. The decision to locate the House in a specific listed building, aimed at contributing to the upgrading of Heroes Square, a prospect that has been one of the Lemesos Municipality’s efforts during the last few years.

It was built in 1919 by Mr Nemitsas and was the residence of the Z. Stamatiou family (one of the three founding members of the Electrical Power supply Company). Between 1971-1978 it was used as a private club and thereafter as a mansion prior to  its current use as a dancehouse.