Trailer: https://vimeo.com/109875951

Choreography and Performance: Fernando Belfiore<3

Dramaturgy: Katarina Bakatsaki<3 and Bruno Listopad<3

Sound Design: Steve Martin Snider<3

Light Design: Tomas Vondracek<3

Set Design: Nikola Knezevic<3

Costume HandCraft: Jivika Biervliet<3

Artistic Coach: Suzy Blok<3

Photography: Jamain Brigitha <3- Associatives and Thomas Lenden<3

Production: Sanne Wichman<3 | Dansmakers Amsterdam

PR: Lisette Brouwer<3, Lisa Reinheimer<3 | Dansmakers Amsterdam

Writing support: Lisa Reinheimer<3

Special Thanks to Renee Copraij<3 , Ria Higler<3 and Eleanor Bauer<3

In collaboration with ICK Amsterdam, Z Zentrum für Proben und Forschung Frankfurt, Work Space Brussels and Fabrica de Movimentos Porto.


Supported by: Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, AFK, Jonge Makers Fonds


Fernando Belfiore-The Netherlands.
20:30 (45’) Panos Solomonides’ Cultural Centre.

AL13FB<3 investigates the idea of body-sculpture. Fernando (per)forms an encounter with elements to construct physical experiences, body states and retranslates emotions. While leading his audience through poetic and futuristic worlds, he explores the potential of transformation and let the body unfold new materiality. Belfiore reshapes the environment as an alchemic relation of re-creation and renewal. 

Fernando Belfiore is a choreographer, performer and teacher based in Amsterdam. He graduated from SNDO in 2011 (School for New Dance Development – Amsterdam School of The Arts). Before moving to Europe he studied Theatre at Sao Paolo University. He has performed in projects by Deborah Hay, Jeremy Wade, Ann Liv Young, Ibrahim Quraishi and Miet Warlop. As a choreographer, Belfiore has presented his work in festivals and venues in many European countries, Brazil and China. His graduation work, The miserable thing, was nominated for the ITS Festival Choreography Award and received the Best Direction award at ACT Festival in Spain in 2012.

He has been Artist In Residence at Dansmakers Amsterdam since 2011, where he made his solo You Must with the dramaturgic collaboration of Ivo Dimchev and .whatdofinallyshare., which was selected by Aerowaves in 2013. That same year he created supernatural with Florentina Holzinger, which was performed at Nuit Blanche/SSBA-Salon Stadschouwnburg.

In addition to his recent solo AL13FB<3, Fernando is also touring his new group performance D3US/X\M4CHIN4. He is a regular teacher of movement research at SNDO and is a guest artist at International Choreographic Art Centre (ICK). Fernando’s work is also supported by Work Space Brussel.





Concept/Creation/Performance: Panayiotis Tofi

Sound: Yiannis Christofides

Mentoring: Bush Hartshorn

Web Promotion: Philipos Evangelou

Graphic Design: Panayiotis Tofi

Drained Anatomies: TBA MAN – Second Look

Panayiotis Tofi-Cyprus.
18:00 (25’) Dance House Lemesos. Free entrance.

The research originally started from the study of one of the latest advertising campaigns of a renowned sports brand. It has progressively evolved around the exhausting propensity of conquering prodigious goals and towards a movement journey/struggle in an effort to embody and establish the ideal male prototype. 

“…According to sports programming boys consume most that a real man is strong, tough, aggressive, and above all, a winner in what is still a man’s world. To be a winner, he must be willing to compromise his own long-term health by showing guts in the face of danger and by fighting other men when necessary. He must avoid being soft; he must be the aggressor, both on the “battle fields” of sports and in his consumption choices. Whether he is playing sports or making choices about which products to purchase, his aggressiveness will win him the ultimate prize: the adoring attention of beautiful women and the admiration of other men…”

‘Boys to Men’ Sports Media


The presentations of the work by the residence artist of Dance House Lemesos Panayiotis Tofi, are part of Μoving the New-Artistic Development Programme of Dance House Lemesos.

Panayiotis Tofi, after the completion of a Bachelor in Graphic and Advertising Design continued his studies at Trinity Laban graduating with the Diploma for Dance Studies (2010) and the Bachelor of Contemporary Dance with First Class (2014). During his studies he collaborated as a performer with Tony Thatcher, Lizzi Kew Ross, Lea Anderson, Fred Gehrig and Sonia Rafferty. He is currently based in Cyprus where he has worked as a performer with Asomates Dinameis, Echo Arts, Alexis Vassiliou (Nothing to Declare), Amfidromo Chorotheatro and .pelma.lia haraki. He has been the movement director for the theatrical works “Nitsa” (Paris Erotokritou), “An album of stories” (Marios Kakoullis) and “Happy Mess” (Paravan Proactions). For the last two years he has been investigating movement and composition relating to body decentralization and spatial tension along with topics of concealment, withdrawal and dispossession. Throughout this process he has presented three choreographic works: Turn Off Lights When Leaving (2015), Keep Hands Clear (2015) and Documenting Emptiness (2016).

Presentation of the book: ‘In-Between Dance Cultures On the Migratory Artistic Identity of Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui and Akram Khan’ by Guy Cools.

Interview/Discussion with the author of the book. 

Interviewer and discussion moderator: Mrs.Steriani Tsintziloni, co-curator for Dance-Athens and Epidaurus Festival.

19:00 (60’) Dance House Lemesos. Free entrance.




Choreographer/Performer: Evie Demetriou

Advisor: Tabea Martin

Lighting Design: Alexander Jotovic

Voice coach: Cathryn Robson

Styling: Kristia Michaelidou

Music: Come and Play, Damian Lazarus

Production: En drasi 2016

Sponsored by: the cultural services of the Ministry of Education and Culture

Supported by: Rialto Theatre, Dance House Lemesos

Thanks to: Emily Papaloizou, Louiza Papaloizou, Alexis Vassiliou, Elli Haralambous (Wellspring Association), Nicola Smith (freedom-dolls organisation), Μilena Ugren Koulas

Photo: Pavlos Vryonides

the more you dance the more you get

Evie Demetriou-Cyprus.
20:30 (17’) Synergio

The more I move the more I dream.

The more I dream the more I move.

The more I move the more I dance.

The more I dance the more I let go.

The work is routed on the idea of the forced use of the body as a commodity for sale, with reference to the sexual exploitation of women. A faceless person on stage, who is forced to expose, sell and resell a body again and again. Performed with a highly physical movement language the work succeeds to combines intimacy and humour, movement and sound, risk and surprise.

Evie studied dance at the Laban Centre in London and with scholarship at Limon Institute in New York. She is a 2004 Danceweb scholarship recipient and a travel grant recipient from Ε-motional Bodies & Cities 2011. She was an invited artist at the European Programme Act Your Age 2012-2014.

As a performer she collaborated with Alain Buffard, Felix Ruckert, Rosemary Lee, Athina Vahla and with many important Cyprus based choreographers.

Central to her choreographic work is the role of the person in society.  In the process of the work she devotes time for exploration, following a path of inquiry to the unknown.

Her choreographic work has been invited in international festivals in Latvia, Romania, Sweden, Germany, Kenya, Egypt, Ireland, Turkey, Italy, Holland, Croatia.



Choreography: Alexander Michael

dancers: Alexander Michael

and Dara Milovanovic-Michael.


Ben Frost


Photo: Pavlos Vryonides

Complex Foreverafter

Alexander Michael-Cyprus.
21:00 (14’) Synergio

This work attempts to uncover the complexities of modern relationships and life. In this dance, the choreographer, influenced by personal experience, seeks to illustrate the strain of a couple living through growing physical disability of one partner and the emotional and psychological trials that connect to this. It is a tale of love, support, hardship, frustration, and respect. This dance extends beyond the complexities of two people into a wider global scheme of sharing strength and weakness, needing support and providing it. The choreography aims to consider and offer emotional perspectives of both partners.

Alexander Michael began his formal dance training at the School of Toronto Dance Theatre in 1994. He embarked on a performing career dancing with some of Canada’s most respected choreographers such as David Earle, Darryl Hoskins, and Patricia Beatty. In 1997, he joined the highly-esteemed Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance on a full scholarship and the Martha Graham Ensemble as a principal dancer and toured USA. Mr. Michael has performed with Lia Haraki, Christodoulos Panayiotou, Omada Pende, Alexandra Waierstall, and many others. He began choreographing and became a permanent part of the Cypriot Contemporary dance scene. In 2008, he joined the full- time faculty of the Dance Programme at the University of Nicosia. Mr. Michael holds an Msc Dance Science degree from the University of Wolverhampton.



Concept and direction: Pere Faura

Performers: Pere Faura and Demi Moore

Video: Pere Faura

Music: Carlos Jobim and Annie Lenox, mixed by Ivo Bol

Lights: Paul Schimmel and Pere Faura

Technician: Sergio Roca Saiz

Text excerpted from:

– “Undressing the First Amendment and Corsetting the Striptease Dancer” by Judith Lynne Hanna

– “Striptease. The Art of Spectacle and Transgression” by Dahlia Schweitzer

– “Narrative Striptease in the Nightclub Era” by Ben Urish

Dramaturgical advise: Jeroen Fabius

Tour production: Sandra Casals

Management: Iva Horvat

Producer: Frascati Theater, Amsterdam

Photo: Rafael Gavalle


Pere Faura-Spain.
21:30 (40’) Synergio

“Striptease” is a striptease to the theater and to its gaze. A striptease, a performance and a conference, which humoristically and ironically compares the theatrical event with the art of undressing.

What are we expecting to see when we go to the theater? And when do we go to see a striptease? And when do we go to see a theater show called “striptease”?

“Striptease” talks about these expectations; about the mechanism of desire in both conventions; about the seductive relationship between performer and spectator. A spectator, which who’s gaze finally becomes the main protagonist of this striptease.

Pere Faura graduated from the School for New Dance Development in Amsterdam (SNDO) in 2006, and his graduating piece won the ITS Festival Award and was selected for the dansclick tour in The Netherlands. The same year he became resident choreographer at Frascati Theatre in Amsterdam, where he created most of his first works and presented them internationally. In 2009 received the prestigious Charlotte Kohler Price.

Following his MA in Choreography in 2011, he returned to Barcelona where he has continued developing his work in different art centres of the city, as well as collaborating with other artists like Iñaki Alvarez, Joan Escofet, Aggtelek or Desilence Studio, among others.Pere Faura’s work is based on the appropriation of elements of pop culture, such as striptease, disco, musicals or porn to remix them and transform them into a new multidisciplinary choreography which combines all the elements of the theatrical convention.

Apart from his work as a maker, he’s also involved in programming activities and designing new contexts for artistic exhibition by being a member of the collective ARTAS (artistas asociados a La Poderosa) and a founding member of G.R.U.A. (Grup de Recerca d’Universos Artístics).




First Time of Time, PART Α’ – CELEBRATION,  will be presented on the 6th, 7th and 8th of October(20:00) as part of the Yard Residency, Centre for Performing Arts MITOS, Limassol.

Concept/Direction/Performance: Dimitris Chimonas

First Time of Time


Long durational performance 

Dimitris Chimonas-Cyprus. 

The performer will start at 15:00 from Heroes Square and he will be walking in the city. Final destination at “Sousami” 23:00. 

In the following days/posts we will inform you about the various ways we can experience the performance. 

If the act of creation is an attempt towards immortality, then each anniversary we celebrate is a repetition of our failure to reach it. Therefore every celebration is not a creation, but quite the opposite – an anti-creation. We celebrate mortality. We re-evaluate our past and project onto the future. 

The ‘First Time of Time’ is a collective anti-creation. The performance will shape this real moment between now and now; the eternal moment of transition.

Dimitris Chimonas is an actor, director and performance artist. He graduated from the East15 Acting School in London, where he now lives and works. The plays he directed travelled from the Edinburgh Fringe to venues across the UK and NYC. He was commissioned to perform his durational piece, BIRTHDAY, at the As One Project at the Benaki Museum in Athens, curated by Marina Abramovic, Serge Le Borgne and Paula Garcia.

ReDoing GENDER (HIMHERANDIT Productions) 2015, 20150419 - (Allan Høgholm Photography, www.hoegholm.dk)


Trailer: https://youtu.be/hxbEWAALWaY

Choreographer/Director: Andreas Constantinou

Performers: Danni Garcia Mariblanca, Hilde Sandvold, Sofia Karlsson, Ida Frost

Costume: Andreas Constantinou

Hair and Design: Michael Cornege

Light Design: Peer Mariboe

Tour Technician: Jeppe Corht

Creative Consultants: Noelia Mora Solvez, Jeppe Nilsen

Supported by:

BORA BORA – dans og visuelt teater, Aarhus, Denmark

Danseværket, Aarhus, Denmark

Statens Kunstråd (The Danish Arts Council)

Aarhus Kommune (Aarhus Arts Council)

Photo: Allan Hoegholm


HIMHERANDIT Productions- Denmark.
20:30 (50’) Τechnochoros ETHAL.

The womanhouse sees four powerfully athletic female performers transform themselves into men. Acting like typical blokes – with beards and all – they stir up fights and frenzy. Questioning masculinity in female bodies, they tear up stereotypical ideas about what it is to be a man – and about what female bodies might do. Tender, aggressive, sexy, blurry – this show crosses all the lines.

*The performance contains nudity and is not suitable for viewers under 18 years of age.

Andreas Constantinou is a choreographer, director and performance/live artist. He has performed and presented his performances in theatres, galleries and festivals throughout Europe and Asia since 2003. He initially trained as a dancer and performance artist and graduated from Trinity Laban Conservatoire, London, in 2003. Since graduating Andreas has worked and collaborated with companies and artists such as: Kitt Johnsons X-act, punchdrunk Theatrical Experiences, Athina Vahla in collaboration with candoco Dance Company and Uniform.  

In early 2003 Andreas established himherandit.productions. To date they have presented a wide range of dance-theatre and site specific performance installations throughout Europe.  

Andreas was the Head of Contemporary Dance Division at Klassiski Listdansskolinn, Reykjavik, Iceland from 2006 – 2009 and has taught at Laban, The Place and Iceland’s Academy of the arts. He was the Head of Dance at Performers House, Denmark between 2010-2013.




Trailer: https://youtu.be/Al2nUujlWTE

Choreographer/dancer: Milena Ugren Koulas

Music: George Koulas

Photo: Pavlos Vryonides

Sponsored by: Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture


Μilena Ugren Koulas- Cyprus 
22:00 (15’) Sousami. Free entrance.

The choreographer-in collaboration with the musician George Koulas-continues her research that relates with presenting ‘Happiness’ in various public spaces.

According to Aristotle: 
“Happiness is the ultimate end and purpose of human existence. 
Happiness is not pleasure, nor is it virtue. It is the exercise of virtue.
Happiness cannot be achieved until the end of one’s life. Hence it is a goal and not a temporary state”.

The presentations of the work by the residence artist of Dance House Lemesos Milena Ugren Koulas, are part of Μoving the New-Artistic Development Programme of Dance House Lemesos.


Dancer/choreographer Milena Ugren Koulas and musician George Koulas have been collaborating for last 11 years. Both of them graduated from Codarts academy in Rotterdam, Netherlands. They presented their work in different venues in Cyprus and abroad in Croatia, Czech Republic, Poland, Turkey, Italy, Greece, Sweden, Germany, France, Serbia, Spain, Luxembourg.


Closing Party Sοusami



Photo: Luc Senecal

Workshop on Dance Dramaturgy and creative process

Leader: Guy Cools

10:00-14:00, Dance House Lemesos

The workshop will offer the participants practical tools and exercises to reflect upon, to evaluate and eventually to transform and improve their creative process.

Information and reservations:

25340618 / 99517910


e-mail: info@dancehouselemesos.com


1. Dance House Lemesos

2. Open House International Festival

Main Sponsor: Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture

Sponsors: Aerowaves European Network, Limassol Municipality

Media Sponsor: Time Out Magazine


European Dancehouse Network


Friday (07/10):

€10 (€8*)

Saturday (08/10):

€10 (€8*) for the performances  “the more you dance the more you get” and “Complex Foreverafter”

€10 (€8*) for the performance “Striptease”

               €15 (€12*) for the full programme of the day

Sunday  (09/10):

€10 (€8*) – includes one free drink at ‘Sousami’

Festival card-for all performances: €30 (€20*)

*Reduced price for students and professional dancers (with the presentation of I.D)