Dance House Lemesos celebrates its 10 years anniversary and organizes for the 8th year the Open House Festival. The Festival, which will be held from 5-8 October, will present works of contemporary dance and performance from the local and international scene.


This year’s festival programme is designed to offer an ‘open’ experience to the public with works that suggest through their themes a fresh look in choreographic creation.



Tickets pre-sale:

Open Pass €25 – for all performances

5,6,7 October

Day Pass €15 – for the full programme of the day

Single Pass €8 – per performance

8 October

Day Pass €10

For the performances in Rialto theatre  77777745


For the rest programme of the festival 25 340618


Organised by – Dance House Lemesos

Main sponsor – Cultural Services of Ministry of Education

Collaborators – European Dancehouse Network EDN,

aerowaves Dance across Europe, Rialto Theatre, Cyprus Theatre Organisation.

Sponsor – Limassol Municipality

Media sponsors – Phileleftheros, ΦιλGood, Active, RIK.





05.10.2017  Thursday

Rialto Theatre





Created by: Jonas&Lander

Performed by: Jonas Lopes and Lander Patrick, Duarte Valadares

Costume Design: Carlota Lagido in collaboration with Jonas

Lighting Design: Carlos Ramos

Light operation: Rui Daniel

Digital Animation: Web4Humans

Sound Design: Lander Patrick

Co-production: Teatro Maria Matos and Centro Cultural Vila Flor

Trailer: https://vimeo.com/187905766

Website: http://jonas-lander.wix.com/jonas-lander

20:00 55′ | Adorabilis – Jonas&Lander

Adorabilis creates a ceremonial space filled by bodies in a state of emergency and acts as a fictional machine housing three presences exposed and victimized by invisible tensions. Jonas&Lander use the richness of cultural and natural biodiversity to create a labyrinthine dance.


It starts with an exchange of cashews in the dungeons of the old palace that belonged to the Marquês de Pombal, where Escola Superior Dance School is currently located. This is when they discovered their first common interests: the love for nuts. That was the starting point for several other exchanges.

The first piece, Cascas d’OvO, was choreographed in public gardens in Lisbon, with several onlookers, dogs and sparrows for an audience. A piece that would carry slaps and closed eyes across Europe and leverage the dancers’ palates for creating choreographies and for the integration of locals in their work. In Matilda Carlota – second creation – they decantered music and used it as a form of expression, in a dome where robotic animals shared a baroque setting. This taste for endeavors into areas previously unknown to them has set their path. In Arrastão, the extent of this desire to establish music as a communicative and participatory vehicle is stretched to the maximum. ADORABILIS ,their latest creation, premiered in Portugal in 2017.





Concept/Choreography/Creation: Alexandra Waierstall

Performer: Anna Pehrsson


Artistic collaborator: Marianna Christofides

Lighting design: Alexandra Waierstall

Support: Yiangos Hadjiyiannis

Photo: Pavlos Vrionides

Website: www.alexandrawaierstall.com

21:15 20′ | ANNΝA – Alexandra Waierstall

In ‘ANNNA’ Alexandra Waierstall creates a ‘physical landscape’ where movement is weaved like a long breath through ever changing relations of sound and silence, fast shape shifting movements and stillness, where various but never definite spaces and images emerge. With dancer Anna Pehrsson, musician, Volker Bertelman (Hauschka) and the visual artist Marianna Christofides, she moves through the archeology of deeper layers of futuristic utopia that is still to be defined. In each choreographic approach place and time are undefined and the here and now is generated between vague hints of the future and the bodily presence of the dancer. Softly pulsating the performer Anna Pehrsson passes through different states referring to what could have / or will be.


Everything is related but it’s boundless, there’s no center and there’s no edge. Expanding exponentially. Forever is a construct, as if there is something else. Expanding exponentially, There’s weirdly less of everything.

Entities, entities that are not human, some of them we made, some of them we encounter through our instruments. Related, but boundless.

For a short moment we thought we had free will but we’re just like androids, blindly executing this algorithm, generating this algorithm, executing, generating, executing, generating. Forever is a construct.’

Mental / Physical score written and constructed by Alexandra Waierstall


Alexandra Waierstall, born in England (1979) and raised in Cyprus, is a graduate of ArteZ Arnhem, The Netherlands, where she received her Master’s in Choreography. Receiver of numerous choreographic awards both in Cyprus and Germany, amongst them the Most Promising Artist award from the City of Düsseldorf for 2013. Alexandra’s choreographic work has been selected and supported by networks such as Aerowaves, Modul dance, IDEE – initiatives in dance through european exchange, and Chin- A- moves.

In 2012 Alexandra was finalist for the Rolex Mentor and Protége Award. Alexandra Waierstall presented her choreographic works in Europe, Canada, Brazil, Korea and China.



ooana doherty


Filmed: Simon Mills

Choreography & Sound design: Oona Doherty 

Website: https://www.oonadohertyweb.com

Trailer: https://vimeo.com/197373403

21:35 08′ | Lazarus and the Birds of Paradise – Oona Doherty (video) free

‘Lazarus and the birds of paradise’ attempts to deconstruct the stereotype of the deprived male, and raise it up into a Caravaggio bright white limbo. ‘Lazarus and the birds of paradise’ is the final scene of ‘Hope Hunt and the ascension into Lazarus’ – Doherty’s solo selected by Aerowaves and the first scene of her new 2017 work ‘Hard to be Soft – A Belfast Prayer in Four parts’.

 ”My work attempts to play with the barrier between the flesh and the soul, the audience and the stage; to share a kinetic experience. I’m motivated to explore states of pure metaphysical honesty. To bring the sex, the punk, the romance and the chi back into the body, the black box, the white cube, and Ireland.’’


Oona Doherty is an Irish choreographer based in Belfast. Oona studied at London School Of Contemporary Dance, University of Ulster and LABAN London (BA Honors and Post Graduate in Contemporary Dance Studies).

Since 2010 she has created and toured internationally dance and theatre works with Companies such as TRASH (NL), Abbattoir Ferme (BE), Veronika Riz (IT), Emma Martin /United Fall (IE)

Oona’s work has been recently performed at festivals around Europe including Ravnedans Festival Norway, and the Dublin Dance Festival. Her creations include ‘Docnite’, the first full length programme of her original work consisting of three episodes exploring metaphysical states; ‘Hard to be Soft – Episode One: Lazarus and The Birds of Paradise’ (Belfast Children’s Festival and Dublin Dance Festival); ‘Hope Hunt’ (Galway Dance Days, Tiger Dublin Fringe), ‘Leather Jacket Deluxe’, ‘Lady Magma’ and ‘Echo Hunt’.





Choreography/Performance: Elena Antoniou

Direction: Polys Peslikas

Music/Sound Installation: Stavros Gasparatos

Project Manager: Argyris Argyrou

Photo credits: Stelios Kallinikou

Video teaser: https://vimeo.com/182305680

Website: http://elenantoniou.com

21:45 35′ | i open my palm.i called a space.  – Elena Antoniou

The project focuses on the choreographer’s research about the physical and emotional limits of a solo performer. Here, the movement creates parallel conditions, evoking the constant transition between the sound and the visual environment. The body exists in space as a material, using different textures and dynamics; sometimes in harmony with the architecture and sometimes in contrast. The beholder exists equally in the space, having responsibility and an active relation with the details of the action. The movement is unilateral, with lack of response, starting from one point and heading to another, yet never reaching an end. The acceptance or rejection of this state of mind, together with the absence of message, equals incitement to madness.

The performance was funded by Terpsichore (2016), a choreographic research program initiated and sponsored by the Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education and Culture of Cyprus.


Elena Antoniou graduated from the Greek National School of Dance and the London Contemporary Dance School “The Place” as a member of the Edge dance company. She was a scholarship recipient from the Koula Pratsika Foundation and the Danceweb Programme at ImpulsTanz Vienna. In 2016 she presented the long durational performance “An eight-hour journey”, commissioned by NEON and Marina Abramovic Institute, curated by Marina Abramovic, Serge Le Borgne and Paula Garcia, on the occasion of AS ONE. In collaboration with artist Polys Peslikas they have presented their work in Berlin, Athens and Cyprus. She received the Choreography Award of the Cyprus Theatre Awards for the performance “Diary of a Madman”. As movement director for the theatre, she has collaborated with acclaimed theatre directors and companies such as Neos Kosmos Theatre, Cyprus Theatre Organisation, Vangelis Theodoropoulos and many others.



06.10.2017  Friday

Technochoros ETHAL





Concept / Creation / Performance: Lia Haraki

Creative collaborator / Performance: Arianna Marcoulides

Music composition/sound design: Yiannis Christofides

Mentoring: Guy Cools

Light design: Alexander Jotovic

Graphic designer: Despina Kannaourou

Production manager: Yiangos Hadjiyiannis

With the support of Dance House Lemesos

and Cultural Services of  Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture

Website: http://www.liaharaki.com

20:00 40′ | 3 for random – Lia Haraki

Life is random and so is Lia Haraki’s new piece. Two dancers and a composer ‘cook’ the piece on the spot by mixing words sounds and bodies in order to create a universe of randomness. As the human brain jumps from thought to thought allowing associations and references to mix and dance around over and under, so do the performers in ‘3 for random’. Time expands, as the present moment becomes equally important as any present moment can be.

My works are soundscapes made visible and choreographies made audible’ says Limassol-born artist Lia Haraki, ‘who juggles dance and performance in innovative ways’ (Danai Molocha– culture trip). The artist has been presenting her work locally and internationally the last 15 years and in 2013 she was one of the artists who represented Cyprus in the Venice Biennale. Her project ‘The Performance shop’ was listed in 2016 as one of the best European dance practices in the European Dance house Network conference with the theme ‘how to make dance relevant to a wider audience’.





Choreography/ Performance: Evie Demetriou

Advisor: Tabea Martin

Styling: Kristia Michaelidou

Photography: Michael Papamichael

Production: En drasi 2017

Thanks tο: Emily Papaloizou, Louiza Papaloizou, Antis Iakovou 

Supported by Dance House Lemesos

Website: http://www.eviedemetriou.com

21:00 20′ | When it turns red – Evie Demetriou

Does being constantly busy or declaring we are constantly busy symbolizes something? Is ‘being busy’ related to our self-worth? Is it a status symbol? Playing with both abstraction and narration the new work of Evie Demetriou questions the consequences of being busy on the body and the self.


Evie studied dance at the Laban Centre in London and with scholarship at Limon Institute in New York. She is a 2004 Danceweb scholarship recipient and a travel grant recipient from Ε-motional Bodies & Cities 2011 . She was an invited artist at the European Programme Act Your Age 2012-2014. 

Central to her choreographic work is the role of the person in society.  In the process of the work she devotes time for exploration, following a path of inquiry to the unknown. Her choreographic work has been invited in international festivals in Italy, Latvia, Romania, Sweden, Germany, Kenya, Egypt, Ireland, Turkey, Italy, Holland, Croatia and Greece.





Choreographer: Milena Ugren Koulas

Musician: George Koulas

Music: Damien Rice, 9 Crimes

Website: http://www.ugrenkoulas.com

21:30 15′ | For George –  Milena Ugren Koulas

‘For George’ is a little dance dedicated to my husband George Koulas. It came out as an reaction to our ongoing collaboration, life together and also as a reaction to our previous piece “ Happiness”.  

The work was created within the framework of the Choreographic Residency Programme Moving the New 2016 at Dance House Lemesos.


Dancer/choreographer Milena Ugren Koulas and musician George Koulas have been collaborating for the last 11 years. Both of them graduated from Codarts academy in Rotterdam, Netherlands. They presented their work in Cyprus and countries abroad like Croatia, Czech Republic, Poland, Italy, Greece, Sweden, Germany, France, Serbia, Spain, Luxembourg. Their piece “Manlike” was selected as one of the Aerowaves priority works for 2015. In 2016, with the support of Dance House Lemesos, Milena and George performed their piece «Happiness» in different places around Cyprus like: music festivals, bars, parks, university halls, parties and theaters.



06.10.2017  Friday






Choreography/Performance: Fotis Nikolaou

Mask Design/Construction: Martha Foka

Music – Performance:  Dimitris Spyrou

Lighting Design:  Panayiotis Manousis

Photography: George Anastasakis

Video: Pantelis Frantzis

Production: X-it Dancetheatre

Supporters: Playground for the arts

22:15 40′ | A room to grow – Fotis Nikolaou

A small poetic journey into childhood’s lost paradise: The awakening of the male and female body, the search of identity, faith and love, and the encounter with loss, loneliness and darkness.

‘I will narrate my story in past tense, like a myth or an old fairytale, because tonight I will need another age, to make this age different, let that age be the one that turned me into who I am today…’

Samuel Beckett

Fotis Nikolaou was born in Famagusta, Cyprus.  Graduated the State School of Dance, Athens. Continued his studies in New York.

Founder of X-it Dancetheatre, based in Athens. Fotis presented his work in Athens, Lyon, Tel Aviv, Munich, Thessaloniki, Cyprus, Chania etc.

Choreographer of the Athens Olympic Games 2004.  Also collaborated with the Gothenburg Opera, Malmo Opera, Black Box Dance Co., Greek National Ballet and Opera, Athens Festival etc.

He was awarded, the Choreography Prize 2011-2013 by the Cyprus Theatrical Organisation and he was nominated for an Arets Reumert 2016 Prize for best dance performance in Denmark.



07.10.2017  Saturday

Technochoros ETHAL





Idea, choreography & performance: Jasna L. Vinovrski

Collaborators: Mini iPad, the books

Music: Bee Gees “staying alive”

Photo: Ginelle Chagnon

In collaboration and with the support of Hrvatski institut za pokret i ples – Croatian Institute for Movement and Dance. This work was created within a larger project “Migrant Bodies”, which was supported by the programme EU Culture 2007-2013. www.migrantbodies.eu

Website: www.publicinprivate.com

Trailer : https://vimeo.com/145326729

20:00 40′ | Public in private / Staying Alive – Jasna L. Vinovrski

A woman in a neat official suit chews up legal jargon. Teetering on a pile of books, and dependent on her iPad , she creates fragile and precarious situations for herself. Staying Alive is a highly topical solo reflecting on order and control in migration. Subtle humour and multiple absurdities build as the performer gradually enters a state of emergency, as W. Benjamin says:

“the tradition of the oppressed teaches us that the ‘state of emergency’ in which we live is not exception but the rule.”

“…because the body at this time in our history, at this time in culture, is defined not just by the flesh but also by the law, by legislation and by language above all. Therefore when we feel pain in the body, when we feel decay in the body, when we feel pleasure in the body…. all those issues are very much related to the law or to the symbolic order.”

Felix Gonzales- Torres

Jasna L. Vinovrski is performer, choreographer, teacher and eternal student of life.
She grew up in Zagreb, Croatia but lived and worked abroad since the disintegration of Yugoslavia.

At the beginning of the 90ties she studied in Essen, at the Folkwang Hochschule, and after her graduation she worked as dancer and performer for 12 years with various European choreographers (Groupe Dunes, J. Schömer, C. Sagna, O. Duboc, etc.). During that period she created her first shorter choreographies, from which the solo work “Which Club?” was awarded several times. in 2006 she received prestigious scholarship from the Kunststiftung Baden Württemberg in Stuttgart. After moving to Berlin in 2008, together with her partner Clement Layes, she founded the company Public in Private, where the two artists are until today developing separate choreographic signatures, but in the close artistic support to each other. http://www.publicinprivate.com

In 2012 Jasna gains her MA degree in Choreography at the HZT University in Berlin. Short after she starts her PhD at the ATW University in Giessen, under the mentorship of Dr. Bojana Kunst. Her recent work Staying alive has been touring all over Europe, and in this year it will be also presented in New York, US.In 2014 she co founded currently one of the most progressive and experimental performance platform in Berlin “3AM Event”. http://3am.events/, https://www.facebook.com/3am.event/





Performer/Dance Maker: Αrianna Marcoulides

Collaborator: Panos Bartzis

Website: http://bythewayproductions.com

21:00 35′ | In Another’s Shoes – Arianna Marcoulides

The clothing choices we make speak a lot about ourselves, if you know how to read in between the seams.

The original piece was created with the support of the Choreographic Residency Programme 2015 Moving the New at Dance House Lemesos and was first presented at Dance Throughout the Year 2016. The piece’s second version brought in the theme of sound vibrations and merged it with the original themes of clothes and identity. This version was first presented at Performing the New in December 2016 and then Dance Throughout the Year 2017.

The latest version of  “In Another’s Shoes” will delve even deeper into empathy, vulnerability and self discovery.


Arianna Marcoulides has been creating her own work since 2009, always in close collaboration with people that inspire her and stimulate curiosity. She has collaborated with Panos Bartzis on her last three pieces, “Along the Way… Forgotten” (2014), “Stomach Rumblings” and “In Another’s Shoes”



07.10.2017  Saturday






Concept/Choreography/Creation/Performance: Panayiotis Tofi

Artistic Mentor: Bush Hartshorn

Sound: Umor Rex: UR090 Maar — Rime

Photography: Theodora Iacovou

Special Thanks: Viky Kalla, Alexia Nicolaou, Stavros Stavrou

Research Blog: http://delightful-space.weebly.com

Artist’s Website: www.panayiotis-tofi.com

22:00 13′ | Delightful Space – Panayiotis Tofi [work in progress]

‘Delightful Space’ is currently a work in progress, part of an ongoing movement research, concerning movement dialogues between body and space.
What kind of movement occurs when surrendered to the memory of what has been and the potential of what can be? What could be considered delightful during a silent kinesthetic journey of re-experiencing, reviving and allowing to be experienced? What does the body remember, what is it craving for?

As part of the Choreographic Residency Programme Moving the New 2017 at Dance House Lemesos


Panayiotis Tofi completed the Diploma for Dance Studies at Trinity Laban (2010) and the Bachelor of Contemporary Dance (2014) at the same conservatoire. As a performer he has collaborated with choreographers from U.K., Portugal, Belgium, Greece and Cyprus. He has worked as movement director with the theatrical groups Fresh Target Theatre (Paris Erotokritou), Paravan Proactions (Melita Kouta, Harry Kafkarides), Satirikon Theatre and the directors Neoklis Neokleous and Marios Kakoullis. Since 2014 he has been investigating in both movement and composition topics of body decentralization and spatial tension in relation to concealment, withdrawal and dispossession. His latest choreographic works have been: Never Been Missed (2017), Manly Matters (2016), Documenting Emptiness (2016), Faded Encapsulation (2016), Keep Hands Clear (2016), Turn Off Lights When Leaving (2015).



07.10.2017  Saturday

Old Vinegar Factory





Written and performed by Eleana Alexandrou

Sound designed and performed by Panos Bartzis

Dramaturgy advisor: Eva Korae

Collaborators: Arianna Marcoulides, Dimitris Chimonas

Website: www.bythewayproductions.com

22:30 40′ | Time of happy:  – Eleana Alexandrou

Eleana is continuing her quest in songs and words slowly trying to find her way back to dance.  ‘Back’, not as an act of returning, but as an act of slowing down, of redefining and getting in touch with the natural state.  ‘Dance’, not as a combination of pre-decided movements, but a state of joy, of grounding and embodiment of the self as the self is.

Her new work has the form of a concert and she is making it in close collaboration with Panos Bartzis and Eva Korae.


Eleana Alexandrou obtained the DasArts Master of Theatre from the Amsterdam School of Arts in 2016.  In 2009 she completed her BA in Dance and Choreography at Bath Spa University, UK.  She has been working as a performer since 2004 and making her own work since 2011.  She presented work at the Open House Festival in Limassol, the Athens Festival, the Come Together Festival in Amsterdam and the B.Motion of Operaestate in Italy.  Since January 2017, she is the president of the organisation Cyprus New Movement of Dance Companies, Dancers and Choreographers.



08.10.2017  Sunday

Studio Pelekaneas





Choreography: Roula Kleovoulou

Dancers: Arianna Marcoulides, Milena Ugren Koulas

Website: www.bythewayproductions.com

20:00 20′ | All too human – Roula Kleovoulou [Chorotheatro Omada Pente] free

I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction…

Albert Einstein

I believe we are now experiencing this. Human interaction has become almost impossible. Hugging, touching, laughing, looking at someone in the eye are attributes of another generation. We live a ‘virtual reality’, behind screens and keys that human contact is slowly being lost on the horizon….


Roula Kleovoulou was born in Limassol in 1971. She studied at The School of the Toronto Dance Theater in Canada where she was taught the Martha Graham technique and choreography. In Canada she had the opportunity to work with some of the pioneers of modern dance such as Trish Beatty and David Earle, who were founders of The Toronto Dance Theater. Since 1994 in Cyprus, she has collaborated with many choreographers, dancers, directors and actors, creating projects that can be considered pioneering for the small dance community in Cyprus.

In 1999 she founded the Dance Group, Chorotheatro Omada Pende with Chloe Melidou. Chorotheatro Omada Pende has presented up to now 34 works.  It has participated regularly in the Cyprus Dance Platform, The New Movement Summer Dance Festival, the European Dance Festival, and in festivals abroad and independent productions. She is a founding member of The New Movement of Dance Groups, Dancers and Choreographers Cyprus (2004) and a founding member of the Dance House Lemesos (2007).



08.10.2017  Sunday

Rialto Theatre





Director, choreographer, performer, set design: Euripides Laskaridis

Consultant to the director: Tatiana Bre

Dramaturgy consultant: Alexandros Mistriotis

Costume: Angelos Mendis

Sound design: Kostas Michalopoulos – Nikos Kollias

Music consultant: Kornelios Selamsis

Lighting consultant: Eliza Alexandropoulou

Light installation / Photo: Miltos Athanasiou

Lighting technician: Konstandinos Margas –  George Melissaropoulos

Assistant director: Ioanna Plessa

Special constructions: Marios Sergios Eliakis, Ioana Plessa, Melina Terzakis

Creative production: James Konstantinidis, Natasa Kouvari

Production Manager: Maria Dourou

Relic is a co-production of the Athens & Epidaurus Festival and the OSMOSIS Performing Arts Co.

Website: http://euripides.info

Teaser: https://vimeo.com/116709177

20:30 40′ | Relic – Euripides Laskaridis

In a makeshift room, decorated in a haphazard DIY fashion, a performer puts his notably awkwardly shaped body under the magnifying glass. Magic comes from the mundane and references to cabaret, vaudeville and slapstick abound. Greek artist Euripides Laskaridis is preoccupied by ideas about transformation and ridicule. By testing the limits of our acceptance of the incongruous and unfamiliar, performer and audience alike will experience a moment of transcendence.


Euripides Laskaridis (director, performer) tackles with the themes of ridicule and transformation. He studied acting in Athens at the Karolos Koun leading drama school and directing (MFA) in New York’s Brooklyn College on an Onassis Foundation Scholarship. He has been performing since 1995, working with such directors as Robert Wilson and Dimitris Papaioannou. He began directing his own work in 2000, both stage works and, later, award-winning short films. In 2009, he founded the OSMOSIS Performing Arts Co and presented works at the Athens Festival, the Greek National Theatre, the Embros Theatre squat, and elsewhere in Greece. The company’s most recent work — RELIC — was selected for Aerowaves 2015, opening in Barcelona that year before going on to appear at eighteen international festivals across Europe, including the Athens & Epidaurus Festival and Kalamata International Dance Festival, Chantiers d’Europe (Théâtre de la Ville), Comédie de Reims, Lyon Biennale de la Danse, the Barbican Pit at the London Mime Festival, Helsinki Side Step Festival (Zodiak), Zürich Theaterspektakel, and the Dublin Dance Festival in 2015, 2016 and 2017. In 2016 Euripides was awarded one of the inaugural Pina Bausch Fellowships, and will be spending three months alongside the director and choreographer Lemi Ponifasio in Auckland and Santiago to observe his working methods until mid January 2017. Euripides’ new work — TITANS— will première in 2017.